Rhinoplasty and lip lift: nuances, benefits & prices

Nowadays cosmetic surgeries are getting more and more popular every day for a youthful appearance. That is why new ways of cutting down on the prices and recovery times are developing and if you are familiar with the procedures, you must have thought of having rhinoplasty and lip lift at the same time.

For those who are not familiar, rhinoplasty or nose job changes the shape of the nose, while lip lift is a procedure to shorten the bridge between the nose and upper lip. As you can see rhinoplasty and lip lift surgeries are working on the adjacent areas, so is it possible to combine them in a single operation?

Let’s discuss if this is a brilliant idea or only a risky procedure.

Can you combine rhinoplasty and lip lift?

Yes, surgeons are able to combine rhinoplasty and lip lift procedures in the same operation. People usually prefer this as an economical and less time taking option, rather than having two procedures at different times. 

During the procedure, sub-nasal lip lift and open rhinoplasty approaches are combined.

open rhinoplasty incision, incision type rhinoplasty

First, the rhinoplasty is performed. A reversed “V” shaped incision is done on the columella, where the nostrils are separated. Then the nose is lifted with extra incisions inside the nose. Surgeons reshape the nose in the desired way and close the nose with sutures on the columella again.

When the nose part is done lip lifting procedure starts. Lip lifting is done by removing some skin tissue below the nose. After that skin is flapped over the removed part shortening the space between the lip and nose, and again sutured back and closed.

Is the combination safe or not?

Performing lip lift and rhinoplasty together is not complicated and safe as long as the patient is a good candidate for both procedures. Although, there are different claims for the safety concerns of combining them.

Some surgeons say it is a perfect combination with minimum risks and maximum benefits, other may see it as a risky surgery and recommend performing them separately. That is why, before every surgery surgeons make examinations and analyses over the course of the operation to minimize the risks.

How to know if you are a good candidate?

Being a good candidate means a lot of things, but most importantly it means you know what you desireInform your surgeon about the changes you want to see on your nose or how much increase you desire with the upper lip lift. Then let your surgeon decide if they are suitable for you. 

Surgeons make unique plans for every individual needs and goals because of the different anatomical features. The position of your nasal base, your skin type, and your overall desires play an important role in the decision-making process. Other than these, surgeons need to know about your medical history. If you had a functional or cosmetic rhinoplasty operation before, or had a lip lift procedure done the course of action may change.

Revision surgeries and risk factors you should know

The ground rule to keep in mind is that with every cosmetic surgical procedure, you increase the risk factors. So, you should know that after many revisions, lip lift with rhinoplasty may not be the best combination.

The surgical approach manipulates the piece of skin around the same area. That is why with revision surgeries you accept the fact that the complication risks increase.

If you only had minor revisions because of minor cosmetical changes, then you do not have to worry, your surgeon should be able to perform your surgery approximately with the same risk rates. However, if you had complications before like infection, muscle or blood vessel disturbance it is best to consult your surgeon for safer options.

In the worst-case scenario, you may have a problem with your maximum smile. Your facial features need to be preserved and your plastic surgeon may recommend you to wait between two procedures.

How long to wait between lip lift and rhinoplasty?

It does not matter if you get the lip lift after rhinoplasty or vice versa, but when compared, getting the lip surgery first might be a better option. You need to wait for 5-6 weeks if you get the lip surgery first, however, for the rhinoplasty there is a 2-3 month waiting period.

The waiting period here is for the swelling to subside, and to give enough time for your body to recover. Some patients’ scar healing time periods may be longer or shorter, it is always good to talk with your surgeon.

rhinoplasty and lip lift

Are we supposed to wait between procedures? Wait, what?

You might be wondering if you need to wait between the procedures, then how can it make sense to combine them in the same operation? It is about swelling.

The thing is, it is possible to lift your lip right after rhinoplasty surgery because the swelling does not get worse immediately, it takes time. However, if surgeons operate on one’s lip or nose a couple of days later, since the swelling will get worse around this timeline it can jeopardize the aesthetic perspective of the surgery. That is why surgeons wait until most of the swelling is subsided before performing the surgery on the nose or lip.

Addressing FAQs about lip lift and rhinoplasty

You may still have questions in your mind, such as how much money you can save with this combination and the alternative options for lip lifting through injections. Here we answered all of them with details, in a nutshell.

How much money do you save with the combination of rhinoplasty and lip lift?

Rhinoplasty and lip lift cost less than when performed at different times. You can save money on anesthesia and operating room fees which in general cost around 2000 dollars. Payment options vary for clinics all around the world.

What if I want to get a revision rhinoplasty and lip lift?

As long as your surgeon approves, you can get a revision rhinoplasty and lip lift. The opposite of this situation is also possible, meaning you can get lip lift revision and rhinoplasty. Some people also like to test the results by avoiding the permanent solution of lip lift surgery and ask for injectable fillers of hyaluronic acid either on the nose or the lip.

How long after rhinoplasty can I get lip fillers?

Lip implants, additional lip lifts, or injectable lip fillers can be applied after 2-3 months after rhinoplasty surgery. Although, the timeline here wholly depends on your healing period.

Will getting a lip lift surgery affect the results of my rhinoplasty?

It does not affect the results of your rhinoplasty even if they are working around the adjacent areas. Although, getting rhinoplasty can cause tension between your nose and lip, which is generally a temporary side effect. It is not common but this can turn into a complication called tension nose, which can affect the shape of your lip when you are smiling. It can be corrected with surgery.

Will getting a lip lift after a rhinoplasty affect the healing process of the nose?

It does not necessarily affect the healing process, but it can lengthen the recovery period for a few more days and your skin could be a bit more sensitive. Your surgeon should be able to give an estimated recovery timeline for your safety.


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