Ethnic rhinoplasty cost, average prices, and insurance coverage

Part 7: Ethnic rhinoplasty cost
Welcome to the seventh part of our guide on ethnic rhinoplasty.
We will discuss here the ethnic rhinoplasty cost.

One of the most important factors ethnic rhinoplasty requires is different surgical techniques and more experience in the field. This can make a difference in the ethnic rhinoplasty cost. Therefore, the ethnic rhinoplasty cost can be a little bit more than traditional rhinoplasty. 

The cost of ethnic nose surgery can depend on several factors, such as location, the surgeon’s experience, and the specific changes you asked for. However, it can go from a minimum of 2.000 dollars to 15.000 dollars and up. 

You have nothing to worry though. We will guide you on this journey, and here we explained everything you need to learn about ethnic rhinoplasty costs.

Ethnic rhinoplasty cost

What is the average cost of ethnic rhinoplasty?

The average cost for ethnic rhinoplasty is around $10,000. However, this information alone is not enough. The price difference depends on the location, the surgeon’s experience, and the package deal. Sometimes, the fees of anesthesia, hospital, or clinic are not included in the first price making the main price look cheaper.

Besides, additional costs might include cartilage grafting. Here in this table, you can see average prices in the world with extra procedures.

Main Procedures Costs
Ethnic nose surgery $2,000 – $15,000

Revision ethnic nose surgery

$2,500 – $20,000

Ear cartilage harvest

$200 – $600

Rib cartilage harvest

$300- $3,500

The price of this cosmetic procedure is generally higher than traditional nose operations. Getting a perfectly shaped nose if you have Asian, African-American, Hispanic, or Middle Eastern descent might cost you a little bit more. But why is that?

Cost variation in ethnic rhinoplasty based on the surgical approach 

So, you want to get an idea of how much a hypothetical ethnic nose job can cost you. You may get an idea based on the approaches and specialized rhinoplasty techniques. Here are some ways that the cost of ethnic rhinoplasty can be influenced by approach:

  • Open or closed rhinoplasty:
    The price difference between open and closed rhinoplasty can range roughly from $2,000 to $3,000. Since it is a bit more complex procedure, closed rhinoplasty might cost more.
  • Revision surgeries:
    Potential risks in revision ethnic nose surgery rise with every cosmetic surgery added and the policies might differ for each. The price difference between revision and primary rhinoplasty can range from $5,000 to $10,000 or more, depending on the complexity of the revision.
  • Cartilage grafting:
    If a patient has weak or insufficient cartilage in the nose, cartilage is obtained from other parts of the body to support the nose structure. This process can result in an additional cost that is around $400, depending on the clinic and location of the procedure.

It’s important to keep in mind that these are rough estimates and the actual prices can differ greatly. A consultation with a qualified facial plastic surgeon can provide a more accurate estimate of the cost of rhinoplasty procedure.

What affects the price of ethnic rhinoplasty?

Aside from the surgical approach, there are several factors that can affect the price of ethnic rhinoplasty. The reason behind this variation is mostly the clinical differences.

Different clinics, placed in a highly developed city, and where the demand is high, will charge higher prices. On the other hand, although they are offering compatible results in cities where the cost of living is cheaper the prices are more affordable.

Other factors affecting the cost of surgery include the type of surgery, the patient’s demands, the expertise of the surgeon, and the clinical differences. Here, we explained them all.

  • Your demands:
    Liquid non-surgical rhinoplasty and implant options might cost a bit cheaper alone or might come as additional charges. You might prefer or need these approaches when minor alterations are asked on your nose or if your doctor thinks you need them for a better structure.
  • Experience of the plastic surgeon:
    The experience and expertise of the doctor can greatly impact the cost of the procedure. Surgeons with extensive experience in ethnic rhinoplasty may charge higher fees due to their specialized skills and knowledge.
  • Anesthesia:
    General anesthesia costs more than local anesthesia. If your surgery aims to make significant changes then general anesthesia is needed. If the scale of the operation is smaller, like liquid rhinoplasty, then local anesthesia or even topical anesthesia is preferred.
  • The clinical differences:
    Depending on ethnic background, some places might be more experienced with specific ethnicities. For example, if a clinic is more experienced with Hispanic patients and fewer in Asian rhinoplasty, that can create a cost difference.

Sometimes the surgery price does not include everything in it or the type of surgery you ask for might cost less than you think. In the next section, we will go into detail.

Are there any additional costs?

Additional costs for ethnic rhinoplasty surgery generally do not change much although there are a few points to mention. As your surgery is already a pricy one you would not like to hear the additional costs after the surgery. The full list of additional costs is here at your service.

Operation fees:
Getting a rhinoplasty operation generally includes all the fees inside, although, you might still need to make sure you are paying for everything in the first place. Some clinics make you pay for the cost of the operation separately which you should be careful of and only tell you the surgeon’s fee. Others may mention only the surgeon’s fee and not the operation costs.

The medication fees:
After the reconstructive nasal surgery, your surgeon might prescribe you some medicines including nasal spray, painkillers, and antibiotics. Your insurance or the clinic might not cover these medicines’ prices.

Computer imaging:
The price of 3D imaging comes within the surgery package itself, but if you ask to get computer imaging without deciding on the surgery, then you might have to pay for it separately.

Clearly, the cost of ethnic rhinoplasty varies depending on many factors. Now, we think you might like the next section on how to save some money. Let us guide you into what can you do to reduce the cost of ethnic rhinoplasty.

How can you save some money?

One way to potentially save money on ethnic rhinoplasty is by doing a thorough research and carefully considering all of your options. Comparing prices from multiple plastic surgeons can give you a better understanding of the cost range for the procedure and help you find the best deal.

Since the cost of ethnic rhinoplasty might be a little bit high for your pocket, you might consider some of these options:

  • Insurance: Get your surgery fees covered by insurance companies.
  • Credit: Make a good deal with the banks or credit companies to pay easily.
  • Payment plan: Discuss with your surgeon to see if they offer you a monthly payment plan.
  • Medical tourism: Find affordable surgery options abroad.

As you can see some of these options are highly appealing and can help you save a lot of money. To reduce the cost of ethnic rhinoplasty here we explained every option in detail.


With health insurance companies, you can save on your functional expenses of ethnic rhinoplasty. Some insurance providers also offer installments to make your payment easier.

By functional expenses, we mean the correction of your nose for a better breathing experience. Correction of a broken, injured, or crooked nose is possible with septoplasty or septorhinoplasty surgery. While septoplasty is purely functional, septorhinoplasty corrects both your breathing and look.

Contact your insurance company since many of them cover septoplasty costs. If you’re looking to enhance your nasal appearance, they may also cover some of the cost of your septorhinoplasty surgery.


There are lots of banks and companies giving credit for your needs and you can cover your ethnic rhinoplasty fees with one of them. Generally, the APR (annual percentage rate) is the main thing you should consider while getting credit. The average APR banks apply is 16% but if you have a good credit score you might even find a good deal around 12%.

Payment plan

Payment planning might be a good option for you if you do not want to give all the money at once. Some clinics offer monthly payments instead of a lump sum. Talk with your surgeon before the operation to see what they have to offer.

Medical tourism

With medical tourism, you can save tons of money. In big cities where the demand is high and the cost of living is rather expensive the costs of ethnic rhinoplasty surgeries rise. To avoid that, going abroad is your solution. Even with the travel and accommodation fees included you will find cheaper options. That is because of the lower costs of living in different countries. You can learn about how you can get an affordable nose job in Turkey in the next chapter of our guide. 

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