How to pick revision rhinoplasty surgeon? Useful tips only for you!

As you might be considering revision rhinoplasty, it is important to put in some extra effort and find the right surgeon for your procedure. How to pick revision rhinoplasty surgeon, then? First of all, you should know that revision rhinoplasty is a delicate and complex procedure that requires extensive skills, lots of experience, and an acquainted surgeon. Only with the right revision rhinoplasty specialist you will achieve the results without any complications like breathing issues.

Here in this article, we will provide you with some tips and teach you how to easily find the best revision rhinoplasty surgeon for your revision rhinoplasty procedure. Without further delay, let’s see how to pick a revision rhinoplasty surgeon!

Choosing the best revision rhinoplasty surgeon

It is essential to select the right surgeon for revision rhinoplasty. Not all surgeons have equal skill or experience, and their aesthetic vision and techniques may vary. Therefore, research and making comparisons between different surgeons are important.

When searching for a surgeon, take into account various factors, including credentials, experience, and before-and-after photos. In addition, be sure to inquire about their understanding of your goals and the expected results of the procedure. Requesting examples of their work can also offer further insights.

Then, who is the best rhinoplasty revision specialist? Selecting the right surgeon for your revision rhinoplasty is key to ensuring safety and a successful outcome. Take time to consider your budget and research surgeons who offer innovative techniques and an artistic touch.

Basically, you should be following five main goals while trying to find out how to pick revision rhinoplasty surgeon:

Do your research

Look for experience

Do your research

Get a consultation

Consider your pocket

Now we should check the details for this procedure to see if you meet the requirements.

Do your research, take your time

You might feel a little bit in a rush since you do not like the way your nose looks right now, but try taking things slowly to make wise decisions. Remember that with every revision surgery, the complication risks increase. Do not worry though, all you need is good research to find your revision surgery surgeon.

Doing comprehensive research should help you find a better revision rhinoplasty expert. This is a second opportunity for you to undergo nose surgery, so you would not like to see messed up results this time. To avoid botched nose job results, experience is the key. Let us explain to you what we mean by that.

Look for the experience; the best guarantee a doctor might have

Apart from board certification and titles like; facial plastic surgeon, ENT specialist, or plastic surgeon, you should understand that experience is everything.

Of course, you should look for qualified, board-certified plastic surgeons, but the best rhinoplasty surgeon is one who has lots of experience in the field.

Especially for your revision rhinoplasty surgery, you should look for more experienced surgeons to achieve successful revision rhinoplasty results. How can you assure your surgeon has the experience, then? The next heading is all about it.

Look for previous results to see the future

You might know how important for a surgeon to show their previous results. Now, double it for a revision procedure. Since a secondary rhinoplasty is far more complicated than a primary rhinoplasty, you should learn more about your doctor’s experience with the procedure. The best way to do that is to see their previous work and success rate for real.

It would be helpful for you to compare if you can find someone who has similar concerns and nose features. That way, you can easily tell by looking at previous patients if the doctor has experience with the same procedures that you will be going through.

Get a consultation and make it through

Consultation is the pre-show of your revision surgery. You will have a chance to talk face-to-face with your surgeon. You should try your best to make it worthwhile, and if you have a chance, see different surgeons. If you have a chance to see other surgeons as well, we say do not miss it.

During revision surgery consultation, we have prepared some tips and things to consider right below. We believe after reading it you will have a complete understanding of what you should take into account.

Consider your pocket to find the best

While looking for high-quality clinics and the best rhinoplasty revision surgeons, you can encounter that the prices might also increase. The reason behind this increase is basically the level of cosmetic surgery. Increased complications, requiring extensive experience, and the complexity of your procedure crank up the prices a bit.

Always consider price but never let it completely affect your judgment, whether it might look cheaper or more expensive. Finding the best surgeon should be your first concern, and then begin considering the price.

You have different options while considering your pocket, and the best option to consider could be getting the surgery through medical tourism. That is because of the location of the clinic. Regardless of the expertise, the prices in foreign countries will surprise you.

3 tips to help you during your revision surgery consultation

During a revision rhinoplasty consultation, we think you might be a little bit more delicate. That is why we are giving you extra tips to consider while you are trying to explain your aesthetic goals.

Sometimes you might feel like you need to explain yourself in every way and with every meaning. Just relax, and this time first, let your surgeon explain. You should be guiding them through your consultation but never try to explain too much first.

How to achieve a successful consultation?

Here are three tips to help you:
-Listen carefully
-Know the gist behind your questions
-Always be realistic, but never give in too much

Then, when you start asking your questions, make sure that they are detailed enough. How could you do that? Further information is down below.

Listen carefully

Before asking detailed questions about your nose or explaining anything, let your surgeon do it for you. At the beginning of your consultation, address general questions to your surgeon about;

  • Their approach
  • Why is revision hard
  • Why you should choose them
  • What makes them successful
  • What could be necessary for your nose

They should explain everything to you clearly and provide reassurance. One of the most important things in any facial plastic surgery is communication between the patient and the doctor. You should be in the right place not because they have a fancy clinic or the prices are low but for their understanding skills. As Albert Einstein said once, if you can’t explain it simply, you don’t understand it well enough.

When you finished your queries in general, now you might ask more specific questions to your rhinoplasty surgeon concerning your needs, but there are some pinpoints that you should take into account.

Know the gist behind your questions

Like many other people, before taking a consultation, you should have prepared a list of questions. These questions should be out of your understanding. For example, if you are asking your doctor, “Do you have a board certification?” you should know that a board certification is a must because of this or that reason.

Also, it would be best if you asked for further information in your questions so your doctor can talk about their unique approach to your revision surgery. Instead of asking, “Is there any risk with the surgical procedure?” try “What are the risks regarding my nose shape and desires?”. This should make your statement stronger.

We explain some of the terms and things you should know before asking questions during your revision rhinoplasty consultation. This should help you understand and compare possible surgeon candidates in your mind better.

Always be realistic, but never give in too much

Having realistic expectations is vital when it comes to undergoing a nose job. It’s important to acknowledge that not every desired change may be safe or feasible. During your consultation, it’s crucial to have a clear understanding of what can and cannot be achieved.

Keep in mind that some surgeons may have more experience or expertise in certain surgical techniques, and possessing a discerning aesthetic eye is a skill that requires constant refinement. Therefore, while it’s important to maintain realistic expectations, don’t hesitate to ask your surgeon why a particular request may not be feasible. It’s perfectly reasonable to desire more while still keeping your expectations grounded in reality.


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