Non surgical nose job after rhinoplasty: Possible or not?

Some people are surprised to hear this, but surgery is not the only choice you have to correct your nose shape, there are some non-surgical procedures as well. They provide extra choice for patients over traditional rhinoplasty. So, how about getting a non surgical nose job after rhinoplasty as an alternative to revision rhinoplasty?

This sounds like an attractive option compared to getting another surgical procedure. And you know the fact that you have to wait for a while before getting any revision surgery after a traditional rhinoplasty operation. Is it the same with the non-surgical cosmetic procedure?

Here all your queries are answered on nonsurgical nose job after rhinoplasty.

Can I get a non-surgical nose job after rhinoplasty?

Yes, you can get a non-surgical rhinoplasty after regular nose surgery. There are majorly three different non-surgical rhinoplasty procedures:

People benefit from these procedures to correct their minor imperfections and avoid another huge rhinoplasty surgery. However, what you are looking for may require a revision nose job surgery. Besides, the non-surgical options are not permanent and the results may not satisfy you in certain conditions.

To put your mind at ease here are some important factors to consider before getting a non surgical nose job after rhinoplasty.

Factors to consider before getting a non-surgical nose job after rhinoplasty

As with any surgery, there are some factors to consider before getting it like “Will the procedure satisfy me?” or “What happens if I do not like the results?”. First, you should know that there are multiple options in non-surgical nose job corrections. Secondly, although your concerns are valid, the benefits of this procedure cannot be disregarded. After reading this part you will see what we mean.

You have different options

Short time results

There's a waiting period

Fast and minor changes

There is more than one option

What you need is most probably the commonly performed non-surgical rhinoplasty procedure, liquid rhinoplasty. Although it is not the only option you have you might opt for it since there are many different sources that claim it to be effective and give more predictable results.

In dermal filler injections, you have a few different options, depending on your preferences and your needs, you can get either one of them. 

The durability of the procedures

Non-surgical options are safe alternatives to surgery, but they are not life-long solutions. To sustain the same look over your nose, repeating the procedure will be necessary. Weigh your options before deciding on one of them.

Only slight changes are possible

While getting a non-surgical rhinoplasty provides you with many benefits, it is not the most effective solution to some of your desires. The changes to your facial features resulting from non-surgical rhinoplasty may be subtle, conversely, dramatic improvements are possible with cosmetic rhinoplasty surgery, which is considered the gold standard. Getting a narrower nose, reducing an actual hump, or correcting your functional issues are some of the goals only achieved with nasal surgery.

What happened before affects your nose’s future

The type of your previous rhinoplasty surgery, the techniques used, and how many surgeries you had before are also important factors to consider before getting a non-surgical rhinoplasty revision. In case of serious complications you had before, you should consult your surgeon before getting additional procedures.

You should wait

The procedure gives satisfying results for sure, but to achieve that you should wait for the previous rhinoplasty’s healing process. Before your nose is fully healed it would be risky to perform a non-surgical procedure, but why?

Time frame for getting a nonsurgical nose job after rhinoplasty

Rhinoplasty surgery comes with a recovery time afterward, meaning your nose will be fragile for a while. During this time performing another procedure on the nose can result in serious complications. In addition, you should not judge the surgery results until a certain time. Generally, surgeons recommend waiting for a while before the swelling stages mostly settle.

Every human being’s body heals at a different speed but generally one can get a non-surgical rhinoplasty around 5-6 months after the surgery. In that way, possible risks of complications, and early judgment are evaded.

Benefits and risks of getting a nonsurgical nose job after rhinoplasty

You need to understand that every favorable option might come with some downsides. This procedure might seem like a perfect option to correct the mistakes after a huge surgery, or surgeries, but making an informed decision requires looking at both sides.

Non-invasive Inexperienced providers
Instant resultsInfection
Reversible fillersAllergic reaction
Pre-show of revision surgeryEarly judgment
Best for minimal changesLimited changes
Much cheaperTemporary results

The good sides

As we said before most people prefer non-surgical options because they are minimally invasive, or non-invasive at all. Thanks to that, you can see the results immediately. Besides some of the non-surgical options provide you with reversible results, meaning you can test the possible results of revision surgery.

Especially if you had multiple surgeries before, instead of undergoing another revision surgery, you can have a non-surgical nose job.

Some surgeons also recommend them for your minor change desires on the nose, especially around the tip. In general, a non surgical nose job after rhinoplasty might be a good option for minor alterations on the nose and comes with a much lower cost. It may sound perfect, but you still need to know the downsides as well.

The downsides

First of all, the good sides are all possible if you are getting the procedure from an eligible provider. Inexperienced providers may give you a crooked nose, cause an infection, or more serious complications.

Secondly, you may show an allergic reaction to the material used in the procedure, which is why it is tested before any injection.

Most people also consider this procedure with high expectations and lifelong results, but this is not the case at all. Only limited changes are possible, and the results are temporary.

Finally, anyone who is willing to take the procedure must be informed beforehand that, rhinoplasty surgery results can be seen after a while, an early judgment may risk the nose structure and result in unnecessary procedures, especially with permanent fillers.

What to look for in a provider for nonsurgical rhinoplasty?

While the procedure is pretty simple and may seem easy to perform, not everyone is suitable to perform non-surgical rhinoplasty. During an injectable filler procedure, experienced doctors inject the fillers slowly and in order. If one of these simple injections damages the blood vessels, you might have serious vascular complications, blurred vision is one of them. In rare cases, it can even lead to blindness.

Thankfully, more than 500,000 procedures are performed every year, and if you get the procedure from a trusted provider, then you have nothing to worry about. So, how can you choose the eligible provider for your procedure?

How to research and select a non-surgical nose job provider

The provider you should seek must be experienced in dermal filler injection, one way to check if he or she has board certification. If your provider is board certified in dermatology, that means you can trust their work.

Experienced plastic surgeons, facial plastic surgeons, and ENT specialists have extensive knowledge of nose anatomy, meaning they know how to avoid serious complications. You can have your procedure from one of them as long as they have experience in non-surgical treatments.

Finally, make sure your provider has before and after photos of revision rhinoplasty patients. That way you can have a clear overview of the results of your provider.


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