What if you had a non surgical rhinoplasty and now want a real rhinoplasty?

You have always wanted to improve the way your nose looks and have undergone a nonsurgical nose job for this purpose. But now you are looking for a significant and permanent change. So, what if you had a non surgical rhinoplasty and now want a real rhinoplasty? Of course, you can get a surgical nose job after a nonsurgical one.

Now you want to know about the whole process and how to achieve your aesthetic goals. All the steps you have to take to undergo a surgical procedure after non-surgical rhinoplasty will be explained in this article. We will help you through this journey. So, make sure you read until the very end. 

I want a real rhinoplasty after a nonsurgical rhinoplasty. Now what?

When planning a real rhinoplasty after a non-surgical nose job you should make a precise treatment plan. For this purpose, some steps are to be taken. These steps help you walk on the right past and get your desired nasal appearance through surgical procedures after nonsurgical techniques. The steps are:

  • Step 1- Seek a qualified surgeon
  • Step 2- Schedule a consultation
  • Step 3- Wait for healing
  • Step 4- Discuss your options

Now, let’s see what you should do during each step.

Seek a qualified surgeon

The first step is to do thorough research and find the best rhinoplasty surgeon.

For this matter, a board-certified plastic surgeon, ENT surgeon, or facial plastic surgeon can be trusted with the process. They are highly trained to execute nose surgery on different nose types, as well as know how to perform both surgical and nonsurgical rhinoplasty. This is a great bonus, as you can explain your situation, express your cosmetic goals, seek a professional consult, and get the nose shape you desire. 

You can read about the differences between an ENT and a plastic surgeon article, in case you want to know the details to choose accordingly.

Looking through the surgeon’s website and social media can give you an insight into his work. This way you can find a surgeon who has already proved their capability to perform a successful surgical nose job after a non-surgical one.

If you are thinking about undergoing surgical rhinoplasty after a nonsurgical one in Turkey, you can find a list of well-trained surgeons who perform both procedures here

Schedule a consultation 

The second step is to schedule a rhinoplasty consultation.

Once you found the best rhinoplasty surgeon for your procedure, it’s time to make an appointment for the initial consultation. During your consultation, the surgeon will ask about your previous cosmetic procedure and the type of non-surgical rhinoplasty you have undergone. They will also ask about your medical history, other surgeries, and the medications you use. It is to make a personalized treatment plan that meets your appearance goals and gives the best outcomes.

Discuss your options

The third step is to express your expectations clearly.

In your consultation session, you will talk about what you desire and your requests. Be clear about what you require and how you want your nose to change. Based on your facial features, nose characteristics, the type of nonsurgical nose job you had, like liquid rhinoplasty, and what you desire the doctor will decide on the perfect surgical approach and techniques for you. Your doctor will talk you through all the things that are possible to achieve with the help of rhinoplasty. One important point is to have realistic expectations. Remember, sometimes what you want may not be what you need. Trust your surgeon and the process.

Wait for healing

The fourth step is to be patient and wait for a while.

After the consultation is done and the treatment option is decided upon, you need to wait for your nose to heal from the nonsurgical procedure. You have to wait until the injectable fillers are completely dissolved and the threads are absorbed by the body. 

Depending on the type of procedure and the material used healing time varies among patients. This time can vary between 3-6 months for dermal fillers to one year for thread rhinoplasty procedures. Usually, it is recommended to wait for one year after a nonsurgical rhinoplasty before undergoing an operation. This is to make sure that the substances are completely removed from the nose your surgeon will tell you the exact time for surgery and how much you need to wait. 

Why would someone want a surgical rhinoplasty after a nonsurgical one?

Nonsurgical rhinoplasty is to improve one’s nasal features. But sometimes the person wants to take one step further and get nose surgery after a nonsurgical nose job. But what can be the reasons for this decision? There are several reasons why would someone want a surgical rhinoplasty after a nonsurgical one, such as:

  • Unsatisfactory results from the nonsurgical rhinoplasty
  • The desire for permanent results
  • Need for more extensive corrections that can’t be achieved through nonsurgical methods
  • Discomfort or side effects from the nonsurgical procedure

Let us dive deep into every single one of them.

Unsatisfactory results from the nonsurgical rhinoplasty

The nonsurgical rhinoplasty failed to give you the satisfactory outcome you expected, and for that reason, you chose to have the surgical operation. After all, you spend money, time, and energy. So, why not spend them on the procedure that will provide you with the look you want? At first glance, it might seem that surgical rhinoplasty is much more expensive than the nonsurgical alternative. However, it would be a good call to consider the total money you spend on repeating nonsurgical procedures.

The desire for permanent results

It is not always easy to go to the doctor’s clinic to get your nose fillers every once in a while. Temporary results are among the most important reasons behind switching from nonsurgical to surgical rhinoplasty. You want permanent results and a nose that doesn’t need regular visits to look good. You undergo nose surgery once and that is the final outcome that will last for the rest of your life

Need for more extensive corrections that can’t be achieved through nonsurgical methods

Nonsurgical nose job techniques can create minor changes in your nose. They can camouflage small issues but can’t address major problems such as a severely crooked nose, a prominent nasal hump, or decreasing the size of nostrils. Prominent and extensive changes can be achieved through surgical procedures. 

Discomfort or side effects from the nonsurgical procedure

The non-surgical procedure is associated with its unique discomforts and side effects that are not pleasant to deal with each time the person does it. Sometimes patients prefer to undergo the recovery and healing period of the surgical rhinoplasty as a safe alternative for once than to experience the discomfort of a non-surgical rhinoplasty every time they get it.

Is it safe to get a rhinoplasty after a nonsurgical one?

When done by an experienced surgeon after enough waiting, it is completely safe to get a surgical rhinoplasty after a nonsurgical one. Do proper research, follow your surgeon’s instructions, and wait for the fillers or threads to fully dissolve, and no harm shall come to you. 

Potential risks associated with combining the two procedures

If you wait long enough to have a nose free of fillers and threads, there will be no risks and complications associated with the combination of these two procedures. However, if you get a nose job while there’s still filler and injectable materials in your nose, it can affect the final result, elongate the recovery period, and cause complications on the nasal skin and its underlying soft tissue during and after the operation.

Will the recovery process be more difficult?

If dermal fillers are completely off of your body, your recovery period after the surgery will be no different to a person who hasn’t had any liquid nose job before. Your recovery time will be a normal recovery period after traditional nose job surgery. That’s why we emphasis so much on waiting until the materials are removed.

We made it to the end of our article on “What if you had a non surgical rhinoplasty and now want a real rhinoplasty?” We hope you could find the answer to all your questions. If you still want to know more, you can always contact us. We reach back to you as much as possible. 



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